Kiss Messenger Lets You Send Virtual Smooches Through Your iPhone


Now You Can Send Kisses To Your Long-Distance Lover via iPhone

A British startup has developed an iPhone accessory that lets you kiss someone thousands of miles away through the internet. All you have to do is kiss the silicon pad and the device will mimic your kiss on the other end.

Long-distance relationships aren’t impossible, but they’re damn well hard. And one of the toughest parts has to be the lack of intimacy and human touch. But these days, technology is making LDRs easier and not the relationship killer they once were.

One way is with teledildonics, which are sex toys that can be controlled from thousands of miles away using an app. But if you just want to give a kiss as you sign off from a tearful “I miss you” Skype call, now you can, with Kissenger.


The device attaches to your iPhone and uses “high precision force sensors” to send the exact pressure of your kiss to your partner. You can also feel your partner’s kiss on your lips (or cheek) when they kiss back.

The device connects through the iPhone headphone jack, so sorry Android/iPhone 7 users, but no kisses for you.

In theory, Kissenger could be used for people other than your partner. Kisses could be sent through the internet to family living or vacationing across the globe or celebs who want to offer a smooch to all their Snapchat followers.

Source: Askmen.


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